Par S.LUKASZ  -  2012
IMPRIMERIE - Remote printing facilities at the cross-road of Europe - Impression de vos quotidiens là où sont vos lecteurs - News from all countries printed in our factory in Gosselies for readers throughout Europe - Des nouvelles en provenance de tous les pays imprimées dans notre usine de Gosselies pour des lecteurs dans toute l'Europe - REAL TIME DAILY NEWS FOR LOCAL READERS - 本地读者实时每日经济新闻 - NOTICIAS DIARIAS EN TIEMPO REAL PARA TODOS LECTORES LOCALES - DAILY NEWS TEMPO REALE PER I LETTORI LOCALI - NIEUWS VAN DE DAG IN REALTIME - 
Europrinter society was founded in November 1993, a subsidiary of two groups (French and Spanish) specializes in the printing world.
Enjoying a particularly good location and highly skilled staff, we are able to offer our customers an early delivery of their daily according to the criteria of quality and speed that satisfy the most demanding.
The company's business is printing "just in time" of foreign newspapers distributed in Belgium and Europe.
It should be noted that the role of society is only to print, there is no newsroom.
The manufacturing process is as follows:
    1 - Receiving a production order that
          specifies the number of copies and
          their destination
    2 - Reception of pages in the form of
          computer files, transmitted over
          the Internet
    3 - Preparation of plates for printing''
    4 - Printing, black, or color, depending
          on the title
    5 - Insertion of supplements manual or
    6 - Preparation of labeling packets with
          different destinations in office
    7 - Discount packages for shippers and
This process is carried out 7 days because most of the seven titles we also print a Sunday edition.

Work teams are composed as follows: a driver, assistant driver, paraprofessional and versatile. The scheme of work teams is 6 days on and 3 days off. The only closing day is December 24th!
Strengths and originality of the company
Besides the graphic tradition of our region that allows us to quickly qualified staff, the location of Gosselies, in the center of Europe, was a determining factor in the choice of investors, and remains today a attractive pole in our industry.

Punctuality in finishing the work is undoubtedly the most important element because the 'new' arriving late, do not interest anyone. The production cycle is timed and carefully recorded every night, since the task force must meet particularly strict and demanding schedules.

To achieve this performance daily, we have made substantial human and financial efforts in training our staff, to enable him to acquire the versatility needed in a company of our size and this type of work.
Text taken from "The Gazette of Europrinter" of 04/10/98, editor: Mr. Claude Desuter.